RxHelp.ca Launches its Pharmacy Locator

Rx Help Pharmacy Locator


TORONTO, May 9, 2013/ RxHelp.ca is pleased to announce the launch of the Pharmacy Locator on their website. The Pharmacy Locator is an online list of pharmacies that have agreed to be part of a searchable database.

The Pharmacy Locator tool is easy to use. To find a pharmacy near you, simply:

1.            Visit our Pharmacy Locator Page               www.rxhelp.ca/PharmacyLocator

2.            Enter your postal code, city, province or preferred pharmacy

3.            Select the search distance

4.            Review the search results to find a nearby pharmacy and view it on a map.


Note: Not all pharmacies that accept RxHelp cards are currently in the Pharmacy Locator database. Please check with your regular pharmacy or other pharmacies in your area as most pharmacies accept the RxHelp card.

The Pharmacy Locator is also available on the RxHelp.ca mobile site, making it easy for patients on the go to use their smartphone to easily find a nearby pharmacy that accepts RxHelp Patient Choice cards.

“With over 1.2 million prescriptions filled using RxHelp cards in 2012, patients are now aware of and using brand name pharmaceutical RxHelp card programs. As our programs continue to grow we wanted to make it easy for patients to find the pharmacies that have been and continue to be supportive of patient choice. ” Craig Martin, President, RxHelp.ca


Pharmacies to have your pharmacy added to the database:

  • Go to www.rxhelp.ca/PharmacyLocator and click on the link at the bottom, OR
  • Let the call centre know when you call in your next order 1-866-RxHelp4