RxHelp.ca Announces the Launch of RxHelp ONE™



MISSISSAUGA, ON, Sept. 26, 2014/CNW/ – It is now even easier for Canadian patients to save millions on brand name prescription medicines with the introduction of RxHelp ONE™.

RxHelp ONE™ is a free patient choice card that covers up to the difference in cost between a brand name medicine and the generic alternative. The RxHelp™ ONE card provides access to savings on dozens of medications from various pharmaceutical manufacturers all on one card. Canadians are already familiar with patient choice drug cards, which are used for prescription medicine savings.  Last year alone, patients saved more than $80 million using brand or company specific RxHelp cards for drugs used to treat a number of common health conditions.

“Today’s introduction of the RxHelp ONE™ card allows patients who might be taking several chronic medicines, from different brand name pharmaceutical manufacturers, to save money with ONE convenient savings card,” says Craig Martin, President and CEO of Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc., the leader and innovator of the patient choice drug card concept in Canada.  “Just like our other RxHelp card programs, RxHelp ONE™ will provide Canadian consumers with the choice of remaining on the brand medication they know and trust with the added convenience of a single card,” adds Martin.

Available at no cost, RxHelp ONE™ is convenient and easy for patients and their pharmacists to use.

RxHelp ONE™ allows Canadian consumers to obtain brand name prescription drugs such as Lipitor®, Singulair®, Maxalt®, Norvasc® and Alesse® among others at little or no additional cost versus the generic alternative.  Consumers, pharmacists and physicians can view the current listing of 34 brand name drugs available on RxHelp ONE™ at www.RxHelpONE.com.   Canadians are encouraged to check the website monthly, or sign up to be notified when new products are covered since products are frequently added to RxHelp ONE™.

Patients should visit www.RxHelpONE.com to print a free RxHelp ONE™ card or download the card to their smartphone. The RxHelp ONE™ card will automatically update when new products are added. Patients are also encouraged to share their card with friends and family members, a new innovative feature only available with RxHelp ONE ™.

RxHelp ONE ™ makes life easier for pharmacists as they can use the same card number for multiple brands and companies, for all of their patients.

“The current trend in employer drug benefit plans is to pay up to the available generic price,” states Martin.  “If an employee, for whatever reason, chooses to remain on a brand name drug, in most instances they will have to pay the difference in cost.  We are encouraging employers and their benefits consultants to communicate the advantages of RxHelp ONE ™ to their employees. By doing so, employers pay the generic price and the employee receives the brand name product at little or no out-of-pocket cost: it’s a win-win!”

RxHelp ONE ™ is available to all patients, including those with no drug plan, with private insurance, and/or with public drug coverage.

About RxHelp Patient Choice Card Programs

Currently RxHelp Cards are used by hundreds of thousands of consumers across Canada and are accepted at thousands of Canadian pharmacies daily. To obtain any RxHelp Patient Choice Card, including the new RxHelp ONE ™ at no cost, consumers can visit the www.RxHelp.ca website.  RxHelp Patient Choice cards cover up to the difference in ingredient cost between the brand drug and the generic alternative. The patient simply requests to remain on the brand medication and presents his or her card along with their prescription each time they visit their pharmacy to receive the brand they know and trust.

About Cameron Stewart LifeScience

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario Cameron Stewart LifeScience is a healthcare and pharmaceutical communications consulting firm. Founded in 2006, Cameron Stewart LifeScience is the creator of the RxHelp card concept and is an innovator of the patient choice drug card concept in Canada.

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Lipitor® and Norvasc® are registered trademarks of Pfizer Canada Inc. Alesse® is a registered trademark of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Singulair® and Maxalt® are registered trademarks of Merck Sharp& Dohme Corp., a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. RxHelp™ and RxHelp ONE ™ are trademarks of Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc.

SOURCE  Cameron Stewart LifeScience