CSL signs agreement with ZoomMed to enhance both party’s offerings

Montreal, May 4, 2010 – ZoomMed Inc. (TSX: ZMD), designer of the ZRx Prescriber, the e-Pic Communication Network and the ZRx Pharma Communication Network is proud to announce the signature of an agreement with Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc. a provider to the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry.

The purpose of this agreement is to provide Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc. and the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry with an application allowing physicians to electronically print, sampling cards, co-payment assistance and brand loyalty cards, for their patients, using the ZRx Prescriber.  This innovative application turns out to be a valuable tool for the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry”, said Mr Marmet.   “Consequently, these electronically printed cards will enhance both parties product offering and will generate significant additional revenues.  Furthermore, it will greatly simplify the physician’s work load and facilitate patient’s access to those services and therefore, speed up the process.  ZoomMed’s Communication Networks have gained notoriety, proving beyond any doubt that we have an effective communication system, appreciated by physicians and other health care organization” added Mr. Marmet

About Cameron Stewart LifeScience Inc.The Cameron Stewart LifeScience RxHelp Card and RxHelp.ca are two of the most powerful programs available to consumer-oriented pharmaceutical marketers. The RxHelp card is a flexible marketer’s tool, and can be:

  • A loyalty card that enhances and drive patient adherence;
  • A drug sample card ‘e-sample’;
  • An intelligent patient financial assistance tool to overcome formulary bias;
  • A tool which changes with the changing needs of your brand ;

About the ZRx Prescriber  ZoomMed developed the ZRx Prescriber, a technologically innovative Web application that enables physicians to use a wireless device, such as the IPod Touch™, IPhone™, other PDA’s or computers, to rapidly write and deliver scripts. The ZRx Prescriber is quick, efficient and intuitive. Since it is a stand-alone product, it can easily be integrated to any Electronic Medical Record application (EMR).

About the e-Pic Communication Network ZoomMed’s e-Pic communication network allows intercommunications between physicians who use the ZRx Prescriber, pharmacists and other organisations who are members of the network. Thus, physicians, pharmacists and other organisations can transfer, capture (scan), and electronically receive prescription information, renewals and referral information through this high speed and entirely secure network.

About the ZRx Pharma Communication Network ZRx Pharma communication network, the new revolutionary communication tool, allows information dissemination and intercommunication between pharmaceutical corporations and physicians using the ZRx Prescriber, such as; continuing medical education, new product launches, medical training, major medical alerts, clinical studies and surveys. For further information on ZoomMed, contact Mr. Yves Marmet, President and Chief Executive Officer (450) 678-5457, Ext 228, info@zoommed.com or visit our Web Site; www.zoommed.com.  The TSX Venture Exchange does not assume any responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this press release.