Our Team


David Leitner, Managing Senior Director

David’s healthcare industry experience spans over 25 years and includes several senior commercial management positions. David has gained Canadian and global experience in many therapeutic areas, including CNS/Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Cardiovascular, ID, Women’s Health, Pain and Inflammation, Gastroenterology as well as specialty, biologics, SEBs and rare diseases.  He has worked for several leading pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly, Roche, Wyeth and for the past 10+ years with CSL/Innomar Strategies.  As the Lead of CSL, David’s strategic insight and innovative approach is helping clients achieve successful implementation of strategies to address product launches, new indications, reimbursement challenges and lifecycle management issues.


Blair Rutledge, Director, Payers and EMRs

Blair’s primary responsibility is designing and running simple to use, cloud based, payment systems for patients and HCP’s.  Each system is integrated with Innomar’s patient support programs.  Validation and compliance are the foundation for each program.  Blair has an extensive history in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of roles.   His primary focus was working in both private and public access.  In addition, he worked with advocacy groups in multiple health areas including: mental health, women’s health, cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular.  In his last role, as National Manager B2B, Blair was responsible for working with Canada’s largest pharmacy chains.  The combination of these experiences provides clients with in-depth knowledge to support patient assistance programs from: bridging patients to access, patient support programs, to LOE programs.


Michelle Chambers, Senior Manager, Client Services

Michelle Chambers has over twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Michelle’s experience includes both brand marketing and project management. She has worked extensively on both the client and agency side for product launches and communication programs.  Michelle manages the regulatory approval processes for CSL’s patient assistance programs, coordinates client deliverables, develops card program patient and HCP materials and manages accounts for several CSL clients.


Stewart Steven, Senior Manager, Strategic Services

Stewart comes to CSL with a strong background in sales, marketing and information technology, having successfully worked across a number of pharmaceutical companies, both directly and in vendor roles. He has proven leadership in identifying opportunities, building and maintaining strong customer relationships, and has the perseverance to overcome challenges and see it through. His passion, consistent focus and service, ensure customer satisfaction. A career in selling and commercial operations combine to create an approach based on prioritization, keeping it simple and effective implementation.


Corey Kirkhus, Manager, Strategic Services

Throughout his career, Corey has focused on developing meaningful relationships and helping others along the way. He brings to the table Operations experience in the form of designing and implementing intelligent reimbursement solutions on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout lifecycle stages. Coupled with business development and marketing experience at early stage start-ups, he takes an analytical and creative approach to problem solving. Having recently moved back to Ontario from the East Coast, he’s enjoying exploring Toronto and the surrounding area!


Anisa Variava, Manager, Strategic Services

Anisa is a pharmacy technician with over nine years of experience in the healthcare and claims adjudication industries. Her experience in the pharmacy sector and her knowledge from the drug benefits industry has helped her develop, launch and manage dozens of patient assistance programs including co-pay assistance, bridge to reimbursement, e-samples, and LOE. Anisa has analyzed, designed, and serviced multiple programs for Cameron Stewart LifeScience clients. Her focus CSL is developing client related card programs and account management.